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Say Insurance

If we learned anything from David and Goliath, it’s that the small guy can be smarter, quicker, and can just as easily get the job done. Say may be a smaller operation, but that just makes us nimble and more attentive to our customers than some of our bigger brothers. And at the end of the day, we want to do what’s best for our customers.

Communication how you want

We know you’re busy and have more than enough on your plate. That’s why we’re happy to talk with you wherever it’s easiest. Want to chat on Facebook while you’re browsing your feed? That’s cool. Prefer to send a quick email before you leave for work that morning? We can work with that. Basically, we’re happy to talk however you want. We happen think that’s one of the best benefits of working with a digital company.

A small but mighty call center

But the benefits don’t end there. Take our call center, for example, which is a team of about 20 people. That may not be many, but our average wait time to pick up your call is 9 seconds. That is pretty dang good if we do say so ourselves! Ultimately, we want to be here for you right when you need us, and think our low wait times are a way to do just that.

And if that isn’t enough, our call center is located in the very same building as the rest of the Say team. Forget calling across the globe. You’ll be talking to the real deal every time you call into Say, and we plan to keep it that way.

Service Squad Members who know it all

One of the most frustrating things in the world is talking to a customer service representative and explaining your whole story, only to be transferred and having to start all over. We’ve all been there, and don’t want to continue with that agony.

At Say, our customer service representatives, named the Say Service Squad, know it all. Really. Every single representative is a licensed agent who can start your claim or answer all your questions. And if they don’t know the answer, they’ll surely find it out for you. You can’t beat that kind of service.

Our size is our strength

We know you’ve got more than enough options for insurance, but we also know that our smaller company provides some benefits the bigger guy might not offer. Being small may be a restriction for some. But for us, it’s where we get our strength. It allows us to put the customer first, every single day. Now’s the time to get a quote and see what Say can do for you.

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